EEHS Highway Marker

                                                                 August 21, 2021

Greetings Alumni & Friends,

Hope all is well with you and yours.

The East End High School Historical Highway Marker Committee has indeed been busy. Thru tele-conference meetings and research, we have completed and submitted the Highway Marker appliciation to the Virginia Department of Historical Resources (DHR), Richmond, VA. It is in line for the September 1, 2021 processing and will be considered for the DHR December 2021 Board meeting. The committtee is hoping for nothing but "Great News".

The guidelines and timelines for submitting applications for this process can be reviewed on the DHR website at

The committee would like to thank-you for your contributions and to let you know that we far exceeded our goal. After final expenses are paid in the spring of 2022, we anticipate a balance.

The committee is suggesting the following options for the distribution of the balance:

     1.  Contribution to assist in maintaining the present East End High School website.   

    2.  Contribution to the Historically Black Schools of Mecklenburg County, VA. (East End High                   School  is already a member).

If you have addtional suggestions for the distribution of the remaining funds, Please address your written suggestions to the committee by email or USPS by September 21, 2021.


If you have an email address, please provide it with your response along with full name (maiden, if applicable), year of graduation or attendance. This will help us with future correspondences and avoid a mailing expense.

The last mailing to you should include the marker processing decision and will include plans for the required Dedication Ceremony. Please check the East End High School website at for possible updates.  The East End High School spirit remain strong;  "Go Wolfpack".

If you have corrections on receipts, please contact Priscilla at her email address below. Thank-you again.


"We Did It !!!  So Proud of What We Accomplished, Then and Now".



Alumni of East End High High School

Patricia ('68), Priscilla ('66), Leon (69) & Delores ('61)                                                    




Contact information:

Prisicilla J. Walker - 81 Cedar Bluff Road, Boydton, VA 23917; (434) 738-6669; Email: scillarose@

Patricia H. Lewis - (410) 298-0913; (home); (443) 421-3678; Email:

Leon Simmons - (757) 509-3126; Email:

Delores H. Jones - (757) 258-9566;  Email: