The cover of Life's book is closed for some that we loved so well,

         but loving deeds of bygone days are what the pages tell.

                    Each chapter in it leaves a thought as loving as can be,

                                    for us to keep within our hearts and in our memory.


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By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo


Kathleen Alexander (Warnock) (Class Of 1963)
Macy Allen (Kee) (Class Of 1967)  
Betty Ashe (Zolicoffer) (Class Of 1968)
Walter R. Robinson III (Class Of 1968)

Sandra Boyd (Williams) (Class Of 1961)
Tyrone Bracey (Class Of 1962)
Robert Crenshaw (Class Of 1962)
Marion L. Farrar (Jones) (Class Of 1964)
Antoinette Goode (Class Of 1955)
Ernestine Hardy (Bracey) (Class Of 1960)
Treva Hayes (Young) (Class Of 1961)
Thomas L. Jones (Class Of 1957)
Annie E. Northington (Boyd) (Class Of 1957)  
Ida Northington (Class Of 1963)
Martha Patillo (Class Of 1960)
Pricilla Patillo (Macklin) (Class Of 1957)
Melvin Taylor (Class Of 1957)
Cora Thomas (Class Of 1955)
Eunice Walker (Epps) (Class Of 1958)
Selene Walker (Class Of 1955)
Mable Whittle (Bracey) (Class Of 1961)
James "Freeman" Wilkins (Class Of 1969)  

William Boyd (Class Of 1957)
Theresa Goode (Hendricks) (Class Of 1961)
Almentha Priscilla Howell (Valentine) (Class Of 1960)
Eddie Jones ("Bishop") (Class Of 1969)  
Estelle Montgomery (Macon) (Class Of 1967)  
Elgie Townes (Class Of 1965)
Claxton Wright (Class Of 1958)

Sarah Brooks (Class Of 1960)
William Cook (Class Of 1954)
Hazel Gregory (Barnes) (Class Of 1955)
Mary Harvey (Class Of 1954)  
Kathleen Hutcheson (Thomas) (Class Of 1969)
Melvin Jeffers (Class Of 1955)
Jeanette Jiggetts (Anderson) (Class Of 1962)
Beatrice Jones (Prather) (Class Of 1958)  
Carrie Eva Jones (Class Of 1957)
Fannie Phillips (Holmes) (Class Of 1958)  
Esther Robinson (Young) (Class Of 1957)
Wanda Smith (Class Of 1968)  
Richard Wright (Class Of 1969)

Rhonda Alexander (Perry) (Class Of 1969)
Leslie Harrison (Class Of 1966)  
Virginia Lee Smith (Thomas) (Class Of 1957)  
James Sturdivant (Class Of 1965)  
Stanley B Tanner (Class Of 1967)  
Althea Whittle (Class Of 1961)

Joseph Lee Goode (Class Of 1957)
Lillian Midder (Norfleet) (Class Of 1962)  
Lula Mae Newby (Class Of 1957)
Orney Sturdivant (Class Of 1961)  
Mary Alice Walker (Class Of 1966)
Estelle Williams (Powell) (Class Of 1961)

Joyce Crenshaw (Lark) (Class Of 1963)
Charlie Pettus (Class Of 1966)  

Herbert A. Alexander (Class Of 1957)
Hazel J. Feggins (Henley) (Class Of 1957)
John Albert Thompson (Class Of 1966)  
Emma Whittle (Sheed-Smith) (Class Of 1966)
Salome Wilson (Myers) (Class Of 1964)

Jeanette Evans (Wilson) (Class Of 1969)
George Martin (Class Of 1969)

Dorothy McKnight (Class Of 1961)  
James M. Warren (Class Of 1957)  

William Evans (Class Of 1969)
Nannie Neblett (Hawthorne) (Class Of 1958)

Alberta Davis (Greene) (Class Of 1958)  
Earl Walker (Class Of 1958)

Donald Jones (Class Of 1959)

Ophelia Alexander (Class Of 1963)  

J. Franklin Bragg (Class Of 1957)
Estelle Davis (Class Of 1962)  
Mamie Sue Phillips (Class Of 1957)  
Gracy Lee Williams (Class Of 1957)

Wilfred Phillips (Class Of 1955)
George Lee Wright (Class Of 1961)  

Mildred Hansard (McMillian) (Class Of 1957)

Charlie V. Jiggetts (Class Of 1957)
Mozetta Walker (Eberhart) (Class Of 1966)

William Baskerville (Class Of 1968)  
Willis Hepburn, Jr. (Class Of 1957)  

James DeJarnette (Class Of 1967)
Carolyn Valentine (Class Of 1961)

James Brooks (Class Of 1957)  

Lizzie Harris (Gregory) (Class Of 1957)
James Hepburn (Class Of 1954)
Benjamin F. Whittle (Class Of 1957)  

Henry Hepburn (Class Of 1955)  
Muriel Jones (Whitaker) (Class Of 1957)

Archie Alexander (Class Of 1969)

Roger Valentine (Class Of 1969)

Virginia Whittle (Walker) (Class Of 1969)

Herbert Evans (Class Of 1969)

Richard Morton (Class Of 1956)
Clifton Walker (Class Of 1964)

Kenneth Holloway (Class Of 1958)

Norma Chavis (Class Of 1968)  

Andrew Johnson (Class Of 1969)

Vance Brown (Class Of 1969)  

Chelsey Jones (Class Of 1969)
Alvin Phillips, Jr (Class Of 1963)

John Clifton Jones (Class Of 1957)

Lewis Mitchell,Jr. (Class Of 1966)  

William Chavis (Class Of 1961)

Robert Jackson, Jr. (Class Of 1957)  

Robert C. Alexander (Class Of 1960)
Bettye Alston (Northington) (Class Of 1958)
Sherman Alston (Class Of 1964)
Lola Ashe (Class Of 1965)
Mason Ashe (Class Of 1965)
Willie Bagley (Class Of 1956)
Hattie Barner (Class Of 1965)  
Charles Baskerville (Class Of 1957)
Margaret Baskerville (Farrar) (Class Of 1964)
Susan Baskerville (Class Of 1965)
Woodrow Baskerville (Class Of 1961)
William Baskerville Jr (Class Of 1967)  
Alfred Bennett (Class Of 1955)
Andrew L Boyd (Class Of 1967)
Annie Mae Boyd (Class Of 1960)
Carolyn Boyd (Class Of 1955)
Gladys Boyd (Class Of 1962)  
Hazel Boyd (Class Of 1958)
Jesse Boyd (Class Of 1962)
Jessie Boyd (Class Of 1961)
Martha Boyd (Macklin) (Class Of 1956)
Kathryn Ann Bracey (Class Of 1963)
Oliver Bragg (Class Of 1966)
Ray Bragg (Class Of 1960)
James Brown (Class Of 1962)
Mildred Brown (Class Of 1954)
Willie Brown (Class Of 1960)
Thomas Bugg (Class Of 1960)
Zela Bugg (Class Of 1964)
James Bullock (Class Of 1962)
Louise Cannon (Romero) (Class Of 1960)
Lois Yvonne Chambers (Class Of 1957)
Alfred Champ (Class Of 1966)
Alfred Champ (Class Of 1965)
James Chavis (Class Of 1965)  
John Coleman, Jr. (Class Of 1958)
Charles Cousins (Class Of 1956)
Lucy Jane Crenshaw (Class Of 1961)  
Thomas Crenshaw (Class Of 1961)
Elizabeth Crutchfield (Birchett) (Class Of 1967)  
Mary Crute (Class Of 1960)
Mildred Crute (Class Of 1954)
St John Cypress (Class Of 1967)  
Barbara Davis (Anderson) (Class Of 1966)
Doris Davis (Class Of 1964)
Hazel Davis (Class Of 1964)
Robert Davis (Class Of 1967)
Clara Drummond (Class Of 1964)
Grace Drummond (Class Of 1964)
Mary Louise Ellis (Class Of 1960)
Andrew Evans (Class Of 1955)
George B. Evans (Class Of 1957)
Henry Evans (Class Of 1961)
Mamie Evans (Class Of 1962)
Mary E. Evans (Class Of 1957)
Nancy Evans (Jackson) (Class Of 1956)
Shirley Evans (Clay) (Class Of 1965)  
Teresa Evans (Billingslea) (Class Of 1958)
Virginia Evans (Miller) (Class Of 1957)
Willie Evans (Class Of 1957)
Willie Evans (Class Of 1960)
Emily Ezell (Class Of 1963)
Willie Ezell (Class Of 1956)
Archie Farrar (Class Of 1965)  
Freddie Farrar (Class Of 1957)
Virginia Farrar (Class Of 1965)
Andrew Feggins (Class Of 1964)  
Arthur Feggins (Class Of 1965)
Bobby Feggins (Class Of 1968)
Mozelle Feggins (Class Of 1957)
Carlene Francis (Class Of 1963)
Jerry Ghee (Class Of 1965)
William Earl Ghee (Class Of 1957)
Alice Green (McFails) (Class Of 1957)
Robert Greene (Class Of 1962)
Dorothy Gregory (Class Of 1962)
Nelson Lee Gregory (Class Of 1957)
Roy Gregory (Class Of 1966)
Samuel Gregory (Class Of 1964)
Harvey Lynn Gregory, Jr. (Class Of 1957)
William Hardy (Class Of 1961)
Eldridge Harris (Class Of 1957)
Reginald Harris (Class Of 1968)
Geraldine Hayes (Class Of 1968)
Richard Hayes (Class Of 1965)
Thelma Hayes (Class Of 1956)
Dorothy Helms (Class Of 1968)
G. Otis Hendrick (Class Of 1956)
Ellsworth Hendricks (Class Of 1958)
Olivia Hendricks (Class Of 1960)
Annie Holmes (Class Of 1961)
Mary L. Hudgins (Class Of 1960)
Samuel Hutcheson (Class Of 1965)
Mary Ingram (Fludd) (Class Of 1958)
Bobby Jackson (Class Of 1960)
Mary Jackson (Class Of 1964)
Robert Jackson (Class Of 1956)
Walter Jackson (Class Of 1960)
Melvin Jiggetts (Class Of 1960)  
Will Jiggetts (Class Of 1963)
Willie Jiggetts (Class Of 1960)
Lugenia Johnson (Baskerville) (Class Of 1966)
Elle Jones (Class Of 1964)
Evelyn Jones (Class Of 1963)  
Evelyn Jones (Class Of 1958)
F. Cornell Jones (Class Of 1966)
James Jones (Class Of 1965)
John W. Jones (Class Of 1957)
Lillian Jones (Class Of 1965)
Ronald Jones (Class Of 1966)
Sandra Jones (Class Of 1960)
Shirley Jones (Class Of 1955)
Robert Lee Jones, Jr. (Class Of 1957)
Irma Joyner (Class Of 1960)
Lillian Macklin (Class Of 1960)
James Marks (Class Of 1954)
Mary Meredith (Class Of 1964)
Marshall Merritte (Class Of 1961)
Henry Newby (Class Of 1960)
Laura Newby (Class Of 1964)
Agnes Northington (Class Of 1960)
Jerry Ogburn (Class Of 1967)  
Odessa Parrish (Class Of 1960)
Larry Percell (Class Of 1966)
Virginia Phillips (Class Of 1960)
Curtis Powell (Class Of 1967)  
Robert Powell (Class Of 1963)
Willie G. Powell (Class Of 1957)
Fannie Rose Pulliam (Class Of 1957)
Mary Pulliam (Class Of 1955)
Frankie Ragsdale (Class Of 1965)
Laura Ragsdale (Class Of 1965)  
Maude Ragsdale (Lewis) (Class Of 1963)  
James Rainey (Class Of 1965)  
Jeanette Rainey (Class Of 1957)
Karl Rainey (Class Of 1968)
Carlton Rhames (Class Of 1964)
Bennie Robinson (Class Of 1964)
Carolyn Robinson (Class Of 1968)
Lucy Robinson (Class Of 1965)  
Oliver Robinson (Class Of 1956)
Hiawatha Rogers (Class Of 1957)
Roberta Rowlette (Class Of 1957)
Carol Russell (Class Of 1965)
Elma Dan Sally (Class Of 1957)
Patricia Seward (Class Of 1965)
Pela Seward (Class Of 1960)
Dorothy Simmons (Hardy) (Class Of 1958)
Calvin Skipwith (Class Of 1957)
Donald Skipwith (Class Of 1955)
Betty Gene Smith (Class Of 1961)
Edna Smith (Class Of 1956)
Pernell Smith (Class Of 1966)  
Samuel Staples (Class Of 1965)
Dorothy Stone (Harris) (Class Of 1967)  
Howard Sturdivant (Class Of 1963)
Melvin Sykes (Class Of 1963)  
Emmett Nelson Taliaferro, Jr (Class Of 1963)
Ben Talley (Class Of 1961)
Jennie Talley (Class Of 1964)
Lucy J. Talley (Whitaker) (Class Of 1956)
Helen Tarry (Class Of 1960)
David Taylor (Class Of 1964)
George Taylor (Class Of 1956)
Jean Taylor (Class Of 1968)
Lawrence Thomas (Class Of 1964)  
Melvin Thomas (Class Of 1965)
Minnie Sue Thomas (Class Of 1957)
Wilson Decasta Thomas (Class Of 1963)  
Calvin Thompson (Class Of 1968)
James Thompson (Class Of 1966)
Ruth Thompson (Class Of 1965)
Eula Thornton (Class Of 1961)
David Tisdale (Class Of 1965)  
Franklin Tisdale (Class Of 1961)  
Lula Tisdale (Class Of 1964)
Tilford Townes (Class Of 1957)
William Townes (Class Of 1961)
Thomas Valentine (Class Of 1964)
Tommy Valentine (Class Of 1965)
Annette Walker (Class Of 1954)
Charles Walker (Class Of 1962)
Cleveland Walker (Class Of 1957)
Frank Walker (Class Of 1962)
Hugie Walker (Class Of 1965)  
Mary Alice Walker (Class Of 1964)
Pannie Walker (Class Of 1964)
Rial Walker (Class Of 1964)
Oretha Watson (Class Of 1968)
Rose White (Thomas) (Class Of 1955)
Clinton Whittle (Class Of 1964)
Ethel Whittle (Class Of 1964)
Lafayette Whittle (Class Of 1962)
Mable Williams (Class Of 1964)
Grace Winckler (Class Of 1954)
Carl Winkler (Class Of 1961)
Ollie Wright Jr (Class Of 1961)
Queen Young (Hughes)

Alma Thompson (Macklin)  

John D. Hicks  

Vivian Ross  

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